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Depending on your flute, an attempted (and botched) repair may end up costing you more than taking it in to be worked on professionally in the first place. Wooden flutes of little intricacy are easily manipulated by the owner, but more complex and expensive pieces require more prudence.
Difficulty: Moderate Instructions Things You'll Need:
Flute repair kit
Step 1 Proper maintenance is the first step to avoiding a problem. Avoid sharp temperature changes or other inclement conditions.

Step 2 Look for simple fixes. Common problems are leaking pads or worn-out and dirty joints.

Step 3 Clean the inside of your flute with a cleaning brush. Attach a thin ribbon to one end and drop it through. Then pull your brush all the way through the flute.

Step 4 You can use clean, warm water to clean uncomplicated parts of your flute, but avoid getting it in the intricacies of the keys as its difficult to dry. If you do get water in them, you can use a hairdryer set to cool to evaporate it out.

Step 5 You can easily replace the keypads which can dramatically enhance the quality of sound of your flute. Check them regularly to make sure they aren't becoming worn without your knowing it, which could lead to leaks.

Step 6 For more severe problems, flute repair kits are available online, providing professional-grade tools and step-by-step diagnosis and repair instructions. Otherwise, take it to your local music shop for repair.